What a week!

Jo and Pauline went around London offices and schools promoting In Your Hands to help rebuild Nepal. Everybody was so welcoming and supportive and GENEROUS!

Pauline presented her EVERESTMAX talk and the audiences were incredibly receptive and seemed to have a great time listening to her share stories about everything from bad toilet moments to all time highs. Jo was there to make sure it all happened and get some international live links going when we were at BP…yes IYH went live to Houston and elsewhere. Who would have thought such a small charity would go global so soon! :) 

We still have not got a final total for the amount raised this week from ticket sales, donations, book sales, the auction and payments but we are fairly sure we will be well over the £20 000 mark before long. That equates to either 4 new schools or nearly 70 new homes! BRILIANT!

We need to thank so many people but in particular the following:

Mark Ramsden who is the Director of Grafika who has designed our website for free. If you are reading this, please take time to acknowledge how generous this website is as a donation and essential tool for any charity.

Sally Bessada who has worked on our On-line Auction since July. She is the human behind the on-line cyber world and has rescued Jo and Pauline by being so switched on and giving her time.

Martyn Mills from Berrison for designing and printing all the flyers that promoted the Trek to Nepal and the on-line auction. Essential!!

Of course there are all the teams and people who made each event happen:

Ellis Brigham, Dulwich Prep School, Collyer Bristow, Schrodders, BP, Sydenham High School and Mr and Mrs Hardy. THANKYOU!

We are now about to launch a new initiative for schools so watch this space. It will be a way to make a huge difference and make Nepal an even better place that it was before the earthquake for so many.



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