Here is the Teacher Training program and report from Fionna Heiton, Director of First Steps. This is the first of two residential teacher training courses at the purpose built training centre in Sindupalchuk where 5 of the 6 school communities we support are located.

First Steps Nepal: Teacher Training Curriculum

Training Course April 2019: 5 Day Introduction to Contemporary Practice in teaching and learning.

Training Objective:  To introduce practical ways of incorporating contemporary educational practices into existing classroom programmes.


  • Your learners, your classroom: Ideas for getting to know your children, establishing classroom rules and behaviour guidelines, managing behaviour, organising groups of children for learning, (pairs, groups, round robin), using the mat and circle time, free play 
  • Setting up the classroom: Keeping the classroom organized, using and caring for resources, classroom displays, learning corners
  • Keep moving: Being outside/ physical activity, hands and feet, Jumping/ hopping/ skipping, rolling and crawling 
  • Literacy: Story-telling, introduction to big books, learning through talking, alphabet work, rhymes and songs (Nepali & English), stories through picture cards, writing, teaching letters, day and months (Nepali & English) early phonics
  • Numeracy: patterns, shapes, using local materials, counting, songs & games of addition and subtraction, maths using fingers & cards
  • Modelling: Writing, reading, art, drawing, cutting, construction and behaviour 
  • Creativity: painting, crayons, making playdough and how to use it including playdough letters, cutting & pasting, drawing, pipe cleaners, craft, colours

We took them through all of this and they engaged with this pretty well. They now need to go away and put this into practice.  The training was a great success and it was great to see the teachers really getting stuck into creating their own resources, learning new rhymes and activities and exploring what they can do to make their classes more fun and appealing.

Fionna Heiton

Founding Director

First Steps Himalaya

Changing lives…one classroom at a time 

The next training course in November would be: 


Training Course Two: Developing Contemporary Practice in teaching and learning 

Training objective: To develop practical ways of incorporating contemporary educational practices into existing classroom programmes.


  • Your learners, your classroom: refresh and extend routines and relationships, behaviour management (pyramid), introduce incentives and consequences
  • Setting up the classroom: Being more adventurous with set up, role play areas, use of whiteboards
  • Keep moving: use of balls, beanbags, cones, outdoor play, simple gymnastics
  • Literacy: More on big books, responding to books, book making, traditional stories, alphabet work
  • Numeracy: using local materials, scrap materials, measurement
  • Modelling: Writing, reading, art, drawing, cutting, construction and behaviour 
  • Science: Floating, sinking, classification, simple machines
  • Creativity: paint, crayons, weaving 
  • Culture: Responding to our own culture and celebrations, festivals and related activities 
  • Reflection of training: Introduction to reflection








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