Update from MAHENDRA - September 2015

Update: 12.09.2015
The Mandala Team is currently on a research for a new project we are starting in Gorkha and Chitwan. These children are from a very unique tribe of Nepal, Chepang, who are considered to be rich in culture & history but in state of endanger. Gaambesi Chepang Conservation Centre in Chitwan is providing food, shelter and education to 135 Chepang kids from 4 districts (Gorkha, Makawanpur, Chitwan, Dhading) of Nepal. Most of the children are directly affected by the recent earthquake, losing their home and family.
During our visit to the conservation centre, we found lots to be done for these kids with great potential and positive vibes to live life happily. We have made an action plan to help this conservation centre and make life better for Chepang community. We will update you soon on this.
Also, a primary school in Gorkha serving education mostly to Chepang and other minor community is in need of renovation and rejuvenation after the earthquake. We are glad to take the responsibility of the school for the rebuilding.
This is a project specially dedicated to the children and The Mandala Organization will come up with detailed information on next update. 
If you are keen to know more, please contact us
The Mandala Organization Team!

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