This page is dedicated to our friends and supporters who have gone the extra mile to help us. They have all raised money and spread the word about the charity. 

This page is our way of saying thanks but also to inspire others with their stories.





I’m a mum to 3 boys & step-mum to 2 girls and took my first trip to Nepal in April to see step-daughter Grace who was working with IYH.  Inspired by Grace’s stories of the people she’d met in Nepal, two things struck me about the people of Nepal: 

1) the everyday risks and fears they face and, despite this,

 2) the welcome and friendship that they afforded Grace. So I decided to ask my friends to sponsor me doing something risky to support the people Grace met.  100 friends gave me at least £10 each and I did my first (and probably only) parachute jump! That was thrilling and scary, but not as wonderful as my trip to Nepal.

It was quite amazing to meet the children and staff at one of the IYH supported schools when we visited.  That personal contact is not something we can often have through charitable donations and was a real privilege.  One of my most treasured experiences.  What did I come away thinking?   “We can all make a difference, some in big ways and some in small, but every contribution helps.  Please do what you can.  The benefits go both ways.”   




PS in case you are wondering, my husband and I paid for the parachute jump and for the trip to Nepal ourselves.  All sponsorship went to IYH.  I wanted every pound my friends gave to be for IYH.


Norman Cunningham and his friend Ryan Gordon took on a two day mountain marathon called “The Highlander”. This event comprised of a punishing distance of 75km with over 3400 meters ascent climbed over two days.

 "My reason for taking on this challenge was to help raise funds for my daughter’s school who are currently fund raising to rebuild and link themselves to a school in Nepal called Sidhartha Primary School, which was sadly destroyed after the devastating earthquake of 2015. The rebuilding of this School will allow young children in this village to return to school and continue their education. In addition to this both schools will be able to exchange invaluable information and learn about each other’s culture and country. "

I need to add that Norman's partner, Angela and both daughters, Amber (IYH Young Ambassador) and Sasha are all involved in fundraising. This has been a family supporter affair. Their school has also been amazing!  

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