It has become very apparent during our involvement with building in rural communities, that there is a huge need to help girls and women with health and hygiene issues.

We have spoken with some very experienced and passionate people who have explained some of the things that can be done to make life so much more healthy and easier.

We have teamed up with Jan McNeil from Rotary in Canada who are intending to fund this program. They have identified health and well being projects as the areas they want to focus help on. This has become the perfect partnership with IYH because girls do not come to school when they have their period and are therefore missing a good education, simply because they do not have resources to help them such as sanitary towels and separate female toilets.

Our strategy is to help not only the children in our schools but the communities they live in. This is the reason we are extending the benefits of the program to all mothers, teachers, sister and females in each community we are working with.

Our strategy will involve among other things, a mobile workshop on hygiene and distribution of sanitary aids. The IYH Project Manager is Manisha Thapa whom is perfect for this role.

Manisha was already a great friend of our team. She was born and raised in Nepal but has travelled, lived and studied across the UK and the USA. She has a Bachelor degree from Houston University USA in Marketing, Psychology and Sociology. It would be hard to find somebody who could be more qualified to understand what we are trying to achieve in the communities we are helping in Nepal. She will be able to understand the cultural, traditional and economic obstacles while guiding us to the solutions.

So now you can probably understand why we feel very lucky. Thanks Manisha!

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