Meet Pooja Rimal

Meet Pooja Rimal - Trainee Adventure Guide

As you know if you follow our journey, we are working with Ram Silwal and Royal Beach Camp to offer Adventure Guide Training to two young women from Nepal. The idea was to help two women who had a passion for the adventure industry but did not have the support, encouragement, background or confidence to make the first step. After a selection process run with two women focussed charities, Seven Summits Women and Project Life Trek, we could not find the right candidates.
Then one day, a mother from a local village, dragged her 17 year old daughter with her to meet Ram (the boss) to ask if he needed a cleaner or cook as her daughter, Pooja, would work. Ram turned to look at Pooja and said, “do you like the idea of being an adventure guide?”. Pooja’s eyes lit up and immediately said yes - Ram could see it in her eyes. She had known about Royal Beach Camp because she saw the adventures happening from her village. She had the hunger and passion for the outdoors. She just needed the opportunity. So, after a few days of training and explaining to her family the opportunities Pooja had, we are pleased to say, she is now on a 2 year Adventure Guide Trainee program with Ram and his team.
Here are Pooja answers to some questions we asked:
1) Pooja Rimal
2) 18 years old
3) There is 3 members in my family as well my mother is cook, Cleaner and me and little sister is students.
4)First of all I love adventure. Being the part of adventure tourism is the only thing that I had thought about after my school. I wanted to join this as this is what I love to do and dreamed of. By joining the training I want to learn and  explore every aspect of it. This training will help me to get know much more about it. What are the extremes of this field the benefits, the possibilities, the endless opportunities.
5) Adventure tourism and outdoor leadership is the career which has countless possibilities and opportunities. Besides that it also has its challenges like any other career. I look forward for an amazing training from your side. Along with that you can help me with any possible way. Providing guidance and support along with proper paperworks is the thing that you guys can offer me for an international career. I had chosen Royal Beach Camp for my training as it is well known in my location. You guys can also help me with your networks, contacts and connections as you guys have access to them.And at last I only wanna say is  I look forward for an amazing experience with you and an never forgetting training and a proper guidance.
We can look forward to regular updates from Pooja and her new world of adventure. Watch this space.

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