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Dear friends of The Mandala Organization! 
Today our team had a meeting regarding The Mandala Organization's future plans and projects. We are very glad to know that there are so many of you wanting to help Nepal. We are overwhelmed by this and determined to do more, help where needed. 
Since monsoon is at its peak in Nepal, damaged roads and landslides during this period in hills affects the work to go smoothly and efficiently. Knowing the fact that the nation is going through a huge political turmoil, we have decided to focus on research for few weeks. During this time, locals are also usually busy with their harvest and farm. So, an Action Plan is designed for us to get on the grounds back again in 15th September.
After 15th September, we will be continuing our work on rebuilding schools and houses. Now we are going to Gorkha, Chitwan & Dolka for the research. We not only want to build houses and schools but also help the community to grow on their own. We are planning to create opportunities in employment, personal development, living standard for the people and sustainable eco-friendly environment to live in. Build Recreational Centers, Health Post, Community Hall and conduct Training Programs, Social Mobilization is our goal.
We have also set priorities to a unique yet isolated tribal group, Chepang, mainly inhabiting the rugged ridges of the Mahabharat mountain range of central Nepal. Before they began to settle in villages, the Chepang led a nomadic life, doing some fishing and hunting. Today, they live in sheds made of tree branches and cultivate crops such as maize and millet. They still have customs akin to nomadic life, such as using traps to catch birds and gathering various forest products. For at least half of the year, they eat quite well as a result of their agricultural efforts. However, for the other half of the year, they exist on the products of the forests and remain suspended on the edge of starvation.
The Mandala Organization is keen to introduce this indigenous tribe of Nepal and share its rich culture and identity to the world. We not only make homes for them but improve their lifestyle and create sustainable prospect to earn and be employed. Like building Home Stay to run, Provide skill development trainings, education and motivation to stay ahead. We will soon update on further details about our project for Chepang community.
And, we are looking for volunteers for primary schools in Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk during September to December time period. Someone who can teach/train kids of primary schools. Subject can be English, Arts, Music, Personal Development, Sports or any useful subject for children. We will provide free lodging and food for the time of stay and plan a tourism exploration during festival time as schools remain close. Help, Work & Explore with us. Please inform us if you are interested, we will be more than happy to work together!
The Mandala Organization team
'Rebuilding Hopes & Dreams'

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