A very quick and simple update for all our supporters about what we are doing and when.
our original goal was to repair and rebuild schools. Then it developed into creating wonderful learning environments. Thanks to our partnership with TMO and with Shanta as our IYH Manager we are upgrading to create the dream!
SIDDHARTHA SCHOOL: almost finished. Only the toilets to go and oxfam have taken this project and will be completing them within the next month or two.
JUGAL LOWER (HAGAM): in progress
SETI & BACCHALLA: Finished by February
Let us introduce you to CWT Worldwide, a charity from Nottingham whom have got together to raise money to help victims for the earthquake in Nepal. They just needed to find the right project and by chance and we would say fate, they found us! Hooray. They have offered to cover the costs to rebuild and develop our 6th and final school, Sundara Devi. The most remote and tricky school to get to. We are hoping to start work on this in February. Dreams come true people!
 In 2017 we launched a Teacher Training Program with our dedicated trainers Annu and Vanessa in Nepal and with Jane linking in from the UK. Please read the blog on the strategy if you are interested. It involves nearly 200 teacher training days this year including a 5 day residential course with another charity called First Steps whom have created a Nepalese Primary Training Program. Let’s not forget the average rural teacher in Nepal only gets 6 days Training!!!!
 Jo is leading a team of partners and supporters to Nepal in February to see all the great work that has been done by the team from TMO, Shanta, Annu and Vanessa. It seemed a great time to celebrate the arrival of the new uniforms too. They will be handing them out at each school they visit with the idea of impressing on them the messages we feel are associated with uniforms such as self esteem, presentation, pride and team. We are trying not to just “give” but use each opportunity to teach and inspire every child and teacher.
 Jo & Co will also use the February visit to launch the latest plan of an Annual Prize Day. We will be awarding prizes, certificates and cash for books to the schools that have shown the best results in the areas we are supporting such as English, hygiene, presentation and academic progress. 
 Manisha is currently working with support from a medic at Rotary in Kathmandu to prepare a workshop for girls and women for each of the school communities we support. She will be doing a tour and distributing sanitary packs that could change their lives and allow girls to go to school during their period. We have bought 600 packs. 
We have just had 3 volunteers arrive in Nepal to spend several months teaching at Gorkha. All 3 have finished their TEFL qualifications which is marvellous. Gorkha has been the only location suitable for volunteers for now as it is the least remote. However, from March we will have a mobile volunteer accommodation set-up which means we can send them to the more remote schools. This would still only be suitable for the more hardy and self sufficient kind of volunteer and we are still insisting on no less than two go together. So please call if you are interested. See our dedicated page on the website.
So we are busy! Again, thanks to our partners TMO for making it all happen on the ground and Shanta for being an amazing IYH Manager in Nepal and of course Vanessa, Annu, Manisha and, not forgetting the co-operation and enthusiasm of the Nepalese teachers and volunteers. WHAT A TEAM!!!!!!
Siddhartha upgrades above are making learning fun

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