The 6th school is built thanks to our partners at CWT!




In 2015 a huge earthquake hit Nepal and devastated vast areas. IYH Charity, working closely with their partners and friends at TMO (The Mandala Organisation), decided to focus on repairing and rebuilding schools to make sure children were somewhere safe and away from potential exploitation. We identified five schools in areas that were hard hit but with communities that are less supported by the government. However, in 2016 we visited Sundara Devi School which is more remote than any of the other schools and saw how desperately they need help.

The photo below is a classroom we saw on our first visit.


Our strategy was to repair and rebuild the five schools we had already promised help to and then focus on Sundara Devi. We would need much more money for this school due to its remote location and total lack of resources. We started to plan in the middle of 2017. Then as if fate knew we needed help, we were introduced to CWT (Communities Working Together)

CWT are a charity based in Nottingham which raise money for specific community projects and identified Sundara Devi to be one they wanted to support. Thanks to them the work started in April we can now report that the new school building is finished. HOORAY!


Those of you that follow our progress will know that the building is a huge part of keeping children away from danger but that the work does not stop there. We are pleased to confirm the teachers have been part of our Teacher Training Program and the children will be receiving hygiene lessons and uniforms too. The classrooms will also be fitted out with proper desks, chairs and whiteboards and we hope to support them further with more teaching materials and books. 

We hope this is the beginning of a new stage in history for the level of education available to this community for the forseeable future. The photo below is at the first IYH & CWT meeting last November 2017.



We would like to share what the Head Master of this school had to say:

The name of village is Mankha. 130 families and more then 650 people are living in here. 100%  indigenous people (Tamang) are living here. 
During earthquake, 4-5 children death and all houses has been collapsed including school building. We closed school for 15 days and after 15 days we built TLC (Temporary Learning Center) to continue school session. We have run session to heal children by healing activities, games and sharing experience for bring fear out. This kind of activities made fresh to children. So school has become a healing center for children as well as parents too.
Now, we have got support to build school building from your organization. We are very much thankful to you and your organization/team for your great support and we are hoping to get more support for educational material in future too. In this year, there are 45 children got admission in school. We have 5 teachers (3 females+2 males) including office support staff. 



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