The Great Divide / Banff to Mexico - Day 21-27


Ido: 1018 miles = 20 miles less on odo
DAY 21: 79 miles to Pinedale
Enjoyed the benefits of the cool town of Jackson in a Gucci coffee breakfast bar. Did we fit in?????
Then off for a road ride to Pinedale via bike paths and hard shoulders but awesome! Stunning scenery, limited traffic and as a "scenic byway" it is very rateable! As road bikers at heart, this alternative route to the GD is suiting us to the point we are going to create our own alternative route to Mexico. Too much gravel road can wear us down as we go so slowly the scenery doesn't change fast. So creating a new plan to fit in the best of Colorado, avoid the deserted Great Plains of Wyoming and opt for scenic routes and chats with locals in funky stop offs. 
Today's fun stop was at lunchtime in a one man bar/shop/gas station. He offered us (the only customers) a wifi code and said he had never used it because "don't want it, don't need but you folk seem to". As he was not rushed he took time to explain things like his wife was responsible for the compulsory stuffed bear in any establishment of note. It was the best stuffed bear I have seen so far but still can't bring myself to photograph one.
The heat of the afternoons is not relenting either despite being in September. We are in an  unseasonably  hot hot hot season. Can't deny it is hard but that is type 2 fun and the mornings are great! The antibiotics are making me sum sensitive and even my hands need factor 50!!
Jill and john are still on the GD route and hope to catch up with them soon. They were fed fresh trout and rum & coke at a campsite a couple of nights ago so that should get them up the gravel roads!
DAY 22: 60 miles to Farson
Enjoyed a fast and relatively flat ride in the equivalent area of the Great Basin. No shelter, no trees or rivers or animals. Vast amounts of NOTHING. 47 miles between any services but no problem as got to Fulson by 1pm and having a half day to avoid the heat and plan our route.
Although it is the state 191 road it did not feel busy but when the big trucks speeded past wow we felt it! 
DAY 23: 40 miles to Rock Springs
Easy 40 miles of road but early to avoid sun again due to my super sensitivity to sun due to the antibiotics. I wore my cold ride gloves, full legs and long sleeves to protect me. Looked ridiculous but it worked. Lots of "nothing" today which is impressive in such huge amounts. Now in a cheap motel by a big town and having a rest day tomorrow as cooncided  with, wait for it....... Rain! Plan to eat, sleep, bike clean and chill with a wee tour of the old town. 
Rest at our tender age is a good recovery plan especially when coupled with a motel room, tv and food! We are in a motel that cost $50 with 2 huge double beds and breakfast obviously the catch is we are in the equivalent of motorway services area so not glamorous but very convenient and remarkably quiet. 
We went into historic Rock Springs which also had the bike shop we needed for some TLC on the bikes. Both chains replaced and Phils rear hub needed some love. Historic areas  are normally built on the back of mining towns (like Butte) and this is the same. The museum was great with more kit than writing (happy Phil). It even had the authentic jail which included a padded cell which Phil ran into and used as cathartic relief from the thought of having to cycle another 1000+ miles to Mexico!
The art is everywhere and some great murals on building ends.
Back to the motel and our buddies john and Jill had arrived in a lift from Pinedale. We shared notes had a giggle. Different itineraries but suiting each team so that is great. Like us they are missing the stretch of the GD over the Great Plains as the weather would not be friendly in such an area. We also had the additional reason of just not wanting to do it ! 
They got a taxi to Warmutter (80 miles) east so they can get back on the GD trail. More hugs and au reboots and hope to meet on Colorado.
Rain! Lots of it tonight and tomorrow
DAY 25: enforced rest day (16 miles)
Thunderstorms and rain predicted for the day for our route into Irish Canyon and wild camping so we are taking another day as that just won't be fun..... HOLEX! 
Spent day killing time in Walmart , a great local coffee shop and repacking kit. Restless now and ready to bike again.
DAY 26:  73 miles to Irish Canyon CS
What a great day! Saturday meant low traffic so only saw 6 trucks and maybe 10 pickups for nearly 60 miles of wild and cowboy &Indian country. Felt like a private road . Awesome. Then off road to Irish Canyon which is where Butch Cassidy (Rock Springs legend) hid $20 000.....evening entertainment !
Great camp in the canyon. Gun hunting season started this weekend so the only other campers are two RV  but not there as probably hunting. We saw a wild  kyotee and prong horn deer and mule deer today. Still no bears..... Oh and we are now in Colorado.
DAY 27: 81 miles to Craig
Great start into wild scenery then hissssssss.. I haven't had a puncture the whole trip until last night when a slow puncture was noticed after dinner. Then today another one!  What the hell and then Phil got one..... What the hell???!!!!!
Great roads with hardly any traffic at all which maybe to do with it being Sunday. Fab lunch in Maybell with two old sisters sharing duties. Hilarious and lovely. Now in Craig a fairly non plus town en route to Steamboat Springs tomorrow.


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