IYH Teacher Training in Nepal

Jane Halsall joined the IYH team last year in style. She didn't just help us in the UK by helping us to promote our charity to Liverpool schools. She came with us to visit our projects in Nepal and then became our IYH Teaching/Volunteer Co-ordinator.
This year in February, she flew out again with her daughter Clara and two Governors from one of the Liverpool link schools. During her visit she delivered a two day Teacher Training Course for the teachers at IYH Schools and other rural schools being helped by other charities. Invaluable!

Equator Expeditions very kindly allowed us to use their Sukete Beach Resort as a venue and supplied all the food and accommodation. A Huge help.

The TMO team of Mahendra, Milan and Shanta were all there supporting us and will be carrying on Jane's work with monthly English lessons for the teachers from our schools. We will be following this up with a two week intensive TEFEL course for two teachers from each of our schools in November. We now know what we need to do. Now the buildings are nearly ready in five schools we can start to put more focus on improving teaching.

Here is Jane's report:

A year ago I made my first trip to Nepal and visited some of the schools that had been identified for potential rebuild by IYH. Despite their stunnngly remote locations, they felt almost desolate since schools without children have no heart and soul.

What a turn around in revisiting this year then, to be greeted by a cheerful chorus of  'Namaste', and smiling, expectant faces, ready for fun, emerging from buildings, that had simply been that - buildings. Now schools - vibrant, happy, happening places, breeding friendshipslearningdiscovery and futures.
So proud to be part of it. So happy to be involving schools in my home city of Liverpool, and so looking forward to a long-lasting involvement with Nepal.

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