Meet Dinesh Gurung - IYH International Liaison Officer

We are so happy to have been introduced to Dinesh. After becoming an invaluable asset to our volunteers we decided to offer him a job and we are happy to say he accepted. He will now be visiting all the IYH schools each term helping the teachers and children to keep in touch with their UK and Canadian schools via the internet. He will also be helping the school to use the teaching aids being provided such as computers and powerpoint teaching presentations.
Here is what Dinesh has to say about himself.



Hello and namaste,

My name is Dinesh Gurung and I am from Rangkhola bazar 12,Syangja District, not far from Pokhara. However, I completed my school level studies in an English boarding school.

My life took a turn when I was offered an opportunity to go abroad. I felt this was too good to miss and decided to leave my studies to work away from my country. I did this in two different stages from 2008 - 2011 in Iraq and from 2013 until very recently in 2016 in Qatar. Although my job as security guard was not a passion for me, being away from Nepal helped me open my mind and become more aware of some of the issues in Nepal.

In my free time I love spending time with my friends and family and enjoy discovering beautiful scenery of my own country on my bike.

I decided to come back to my country with the idea of taking a new path in my life. This is when I met Naiara, one of the volunteers at the IYH Gorkha school. She explained to me about the project and I felt I wanted to go and see what it is about. I spent 2 weeks at Gorkha helping but I never thought I would become part of the team as I am now. I feel very lucky and excited to work for such a great project in my own beloved country of Nepal.

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