Shanta Nepali is our IYH Manger Nepal. She makes what we dream of.....HAPPEN! So it was a joy when she said she was coming to the UK. She could have easily spent her 3 weeks visiting her many friends and having a fabulous time. However, she made the effort to have a fabulous time with IYH link schools. That is the kind of lady she is.

Her IYH journey started with a visit to our Scottish link school Auchnaghatt in Aberdeenshire. Pauline and Shanta stayed with the first IYH Youth Ambassador, Amber Cunningham. Her mum and dad Norman and Angela and her little sister Sacha have been a big part of the journey that captured the hearts and imaginations of her Head Mistress, Mrs Thomson, teachers and of course classmates at school.

Mrs Thomson organised for the children and parents to hear a video and personal presentation from Shanta about their link school in Nepal, Siddhartha. Both schools have under 50 primary school children and both schools are very rural.

Shnata showed a video she has made. It brought to life the difference the fundraising has made to their link school and friends in Nepal. They have a great building, uniforms, desks and chairs as well as a program of teacher training.

Shanta was able to show the children in Nepal singing and dancing and the Scottish children tried to learn their Nepalese dance and song. Meanwhile Mrs Thomson has managed to get the whole of her Scottish school to learn that fantastic song by S Club 7 called “REACH!”. They performed the whole song with actions and with feeling. It was AMAZING! We hope their friends in Nepal will learn the chorus, the meaning and hte dance so when Pauline and Sue visit in November, they can see the Nepalese children enjoying shaaring song and dance routines with their friends from Scotland. See the highlights on this link

We should also mention that the children were able to share that very current cultural experience of “flossing”. You need to be under 18 to do it!



Shanta had a truly Scottish experience and even had Norman playing the bagpipes while Amber and Sacha played the traditional Celtic drum and danced.

Pauline and Shanta spent a fe days seeing the sights and tasting the best of Scotland but that is another story.......

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