Teacher Training 2023

This is Part 2 of the Teacher Training Programme 2023. Our partners, First Steps Himalaya ( had just finished putting the final coat of paint on their new residential training centre when the teachers arrived! The venue added hugely to a really constructive and progressive learning environment. 

Our good friend and dentist Elaine Goldsmith has a great deal of experience of how bad the welfare of rural communities are when it comes to teeth and sugar. The level of junk food and drinks has increased to the huge detriment of health of body and teeth. Elaine has run clinics in Nepal and understands first hand the consequences of people not understanding the junk food culture. She raised money to help change this. Her fundraising was integrated into the fund for teacher training with IYH. A module was created about junk food and teeth hygiene and it went down a storm. The teachers were unexpectedly embracing all the information they could. This is great as they have the biggest influence on the children and families in their communities. Thanks Elaine

Fionna and Durga (First Steps Directors) were both there as was Milan. There will be a report on each school and we will share it with our supporters in the New Year. Meanwhile enjoy these photos and trust us when we say, First Steps are doing a great job and have a future plan that means this work will be able to be re-enforced and embedded into these rural schools. 


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