TEACHER TRAINING - English Language

IYH has been very lucky to find the right people to help us deliver on our strategy for education. Vanessa, has just completed three weeks of Teacher Training with the teachers from the schools that IYH and The Mandala Organisation support. 

The teachers and our team agree that English is such an important subject. THey are delighted that we are able to help them to not only learn English,  but learn some great ways to teach it too.

Shanta and Vanessa have worked really hard to create a 5 day course that will really start them on their way. This will be followed up with more multi day courses next year and with the help and support of more volunteers  we are hoping the teachers and children will be able to improve and enjoy English More and more. Of course the other great advantage is that they will be able to communicate with their link schools far far away in the UK.

Huge thanks to Vanessa, Shanta and the teachers for making this such a success.

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