Update from Mahendra in Nepal : August 2015
With full dedication, we are working for the needy people as a ‘helping hand’. Good research and background study of the subject makes our works look sensible as well as practical. The Mandala Organization is a team committed to make things happen for whom is needed. And we can proudly say that the funds Mandala get are less spent in administration and more in service.
We work locally, with local people and utilizing local resources. We believe in sustainable eco-friendly environment and lifestyle. We provide where needed, create smiles when faded and devoted to support & encouragement. Thank you all friends and well-wishers of DHFN-Mandala Organization for being there for us.
Since the past month our team from the DHFN-Mandala Organization have been working in reconstruction and establishment of the Rehabilitation Center at Chautara, Sindhupalchok. Today, along with the Rehabilitation Center we handed over the necessary supplies. The center looks after the people with disabilities, sickness & trauma after the devastating Earthquake. A different able man, Lumari Bahadur Poudel, dared to start this rehabilitation center and Mandala has been working for the betterment of this center from the very beginning. 
We provided daily needs like bed, beddings, kitchen utensils, food, storage chest, sanitary pads for girls and baby napkins for those living there at the Rehabilitation center. Water filters, First-aid kits and medicines provided by GlobalMedic Canada was also handed over. Mandala takes full responsibility of the health care, education and basic needs supplies of the Rehabilitation center and promises to make it more effective. 
Thank you PeakUK (PeteAstel) & SmilesFromThePortugal (TeresaVillasBoas) for your kind support in making it happen. We welcome all to walk with us in this drive to make life better of the needy people. Now we are working on few more project For Nepal Appeal that has an action plan of building 5 new homes and a school for a community. Also we are working on Chepang Kendra (an institution for special tribe in Chitwan). Mandala is one that you can trust to do the best with your support. See you soon! 
The Mandala Organization Team

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