Volunteer Update 2

IYH volunteer update by Grace Cooke February 2018

Since my last update Maelle and I have been concentrating on teaching our students descriptions. 

We started with getting the students to describe their belongings for example their pencil cases and bags. Using games and exercises. They were describing the colours, patterns, materials and in some cases by the characters or pictures that were on them. 

We then moved on to describing people firstly with physical appearances like if they are short or tall. Then we went onto teaching emotions like happy, angry, tired, bored and sad. We played a few games like miming the emotions which the students really enjoyed. 


Since the visit from the IYH team on Friday the children have been looking so smart in their new uniforms and school shoes. I have started to write letters with the children which will be for the students of Blessed Sacrament R.C. Primary School. In these letters my students have written about their lives like where they live, their favourite foods and animals, what sports they enjoy... etc and asked a few questions too.  Hopefully these letters will forge a stronger link between the students here in Nepal and over in England. Giving them an opportunity to have a pen pal of a similar age in their linked school. 


Maelle has moved onto a new school for a few weeks in a more remote area, and we have a new volunteer here called Jake who is settling in so well! 


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