Volunteer Update February 2018

In Your Hands volunteer update by Grace Cooke - Volunteer


I am currently volunteering in Nepal at Shee Jana Jagriti primary school in a small village called Makaising. I (grace) am volunteering with another volunteer called Maelle. We have been recapping basic English with the children. We are teaching the oldest 3 classes in the school, class 3, 4 and 5. Each class is a lot more advanced than the class below which shows the progress that they are making in just one year. 

Since we have started teaching we have covered the members of the family and the relationships between these members eg. Auntie to nephew... etc. 

We have also taught the children a new song with a clapping routine to this song so that they can play it in the playground and hopefully teach the younger children too. We taught them ‘A sailor went to sea sea sea’ and used a few videos to teach the meaning of the lyrics and also played a few games in teams. We also had the children drawing the animals from the song and labelling them.

-We have also covered positions for example above, under and next to. We used a cartoon to do a comprehension type exercise using a peppa pig video. 

-We have covered preferences and likes and dislikes using animals and foods. We used games and writing and drawing exercises.


We have also started an environmental project with the children. The goal of this project is to clean and tidy the village and around the village and by doing this we are teaching the children the importance of throwing away their rubbish rather than just throwing it on the ground. We are also teaching the importance of hygiene, by encouraging the school to get the children to wash their hands before eating and after picking up the rubbish.


Next week we will be joined by a new volunteer. We are also expecting a visit from some of the charity’s members and fundraisers and they will be bringing some new uniforms and to see the new upgrades to the schools which is very exciting

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