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Pauline and Jo  both have strong links to Nepal which have driven them to try and make a difference by organising a series of major fund raising events in September.

Pauline Sanderson

Pauline's love for Nepal and its people came from living and working there for four years. She worked with Mahendra Thapa at Equator Expeditions an adventure company and lived with his family for the whole time. The Thapa family are now her family. This should go some way to explaining her determination to help.

Jo Pawley

Jo had made several trips to Nepal. The first was in 1995. In October 2014 Jo travelled there withher three children, Josh (14), Sophie (12) and Xanthe (10) to stay with a Nepalese host family and to volunteer in a primary school for some of Nepal’s poorest children. It was an incredible and really enriching experience for them all of them and they made some wonderful friends.

On her visit, Jo was lucky enough to meet Som Paneru who leads the Nepal Youth Foundation and Sanjani Matya who is the Country Director for Nepal for Projects Abroad.  Both Nepal Youth and Projects Abroad are large, well known and excellent charities based in Nepal and both are very much involved in the rescue and rebuild projects going on in Nepal. We will keep the blog updated with their progress.

Mahendra Thapa - Director of The Mandala Organisation

Mahendra as well as being a long term friend of Pauline is the Director of The Mandala Organisation NGO. His team were very fast to lead rescue efforts to those affected and organised shelter for those in villages north of Kathmandu.

He is a respected leader in the adventure industry and is one of the key people guiding us when it comes to where our help is most needed. He has a great team with Milan and Shanta whom have been at the coal face of making the IYH projects come to life. Our projects could not happen without them. we are partners!


Jane Halsall - IYH Teaching Guru Extrordinaire

Jane has been a teacher for 26 years (crikey!), teaching languages in both primary and secondary. It is through her current work at Liverpool School Improvement that she has been able to introduce primary schools to the project to fundraise  for IYH and form curriculum links.  She trains teachers and other practitioners to teach French and Spanish using visuals, song, games and drama. Techniques that can also be used when teaching English as a foreign language to young learners. 

Her style of teaching is fun, interactive and totally immersive which we all witnessed when she came to Nepal this year and was part of helping IYH open the first two schools. She had the children laughing, singing and playing in ENGLISH! Amazing woman with a huge heart and lots of energy for helping others. She has taken the lead in training our volunteers before they go to Nepal and will be running a one week training course for Nepalese teachers in Kathmandu in Spring 2017.

Jane started with IYH by offering to help introduce schools. Now she is an integral part of the team. What a woman!


Shanta Nepali - IYH International Liaison Officer & Manager

We are unbelievably lucky to have Shanta in our team. She is so talented, hard working and vocational to the goals of IYH. She was and still is part of The Mandala Organisation (TMO) which means she has been with us from the start and can work so closely with our main partner and friends from TMO
Here is what Shanta has to say about herself:

About Myself:

 I’m a Shanta Nepali, Age 29. I’m a Freelance Tv Producer/ Director / Presenter, Traveller, and  Photographer with years of experience in producing and directing Travel & Tourism Programs and Documentaries. I’m a founder member and vice president of The Mandala Organization. My work has taken me to various corners of Nepal to share the real stories of these remote places and it has become my passion. I believe that excellent research, hard work, dedication and honesty bring out the best product. I believe I possess the ability and strength of mind to bring out the best results.

Why I'm working with IYH:

I have been working with IYH since from the beginning and always had a great feeling to work with them. The team is Fantastic, Positive and Energetic. They are always so motivated and an inspiration to society and individuals. 

I feel great and honored to take this opportunity. I think this opportunity will give me more experience and knowledge to serve my own Society and help to make better future for the children. 


Thank you,



Manisha Thapa - Women's Health Project Manager

We are delighted that Manisha has agreed to be our Project Manager for the Women's Health Program that we are driving in partnership with Rotary Canada. We could not have wanted a more perfect fit and here is why.

Manisha was already a great friend of our team. She was born and raised in Nepal but has travelled, lived and studied across the UK and the USA. She has a Bachelor degree from Houston University USA in Marketing, Psychology and Sociology. It would be hard to find somebody who could be more qualified to understand what we are trying to achieve in the communities we are helping in Nepal. She will be able to understand the cultural, traditional and economic obstacles while guiding us to the solutions.

So now you can probably understand why we feel very lucky. Thanks Manisha!



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