Computer Training for Teachers

IYH have taken quite a radical step to invest in computer training for the teachers at the schools we support. Why is it radical? Well, for a start, several of the schools had computers that were very old and had obviously been donated in the past but were locked in the office like a treasure never to be touched. These schools do not have enough consistent support to allow them to invest time or energy into something that needs just that.

We decided that we have turned a corner in terms of trust and motivation with the teachers. We feel they believe we are not just a flash in the pan Charity who will donate, take photos and go. This is huge. Why? There is nothing worse than investing hard earn donations into something that doesn’t make a difference. We know how hard all our supporters and IYH team, TMO and our partners work. This means we really think hard before making such investments.

We decided the schools were ready for computer training because they now trust us. The teachers have already attended two 5 day residential Teacher Training courses and they made a huge difference. 

The other reason computer training is so important is because each school is linked to a UK school. All the UK school children have made huge efforts to raise  money for their link school. How amazing would it be for them to be able to make regular contact through the cyber world?! Also the teachers from the UK could become another resource for teaching resources. There are no limits to the potential benefits but it all starts with small steps. Basic computers, training, practice and follow up training. Let’s see.


We need yet again to thank our partners at TMO (The Mandala Organisation). Milan and Lamin have made all this possible by running around and finding a great Training school, co-ordinating the teachers from 6 schools including transport from very remote areas and of course accommodation in Kathmandu. We trust them and delegate so much to them it should never go understated.

We also want to thank the trainers at the training centre. We have seen the evaluation forms and all of them have come away with praise for the course and content.

Here are some facts and figures about who we used and content of the course.

 PASCAL COMPUTER & LANGUAGE INSTITUTE is one of the renowned registered Educational Institutes which was established over 22 years ago in Nepal. They have all the classrooms, computers and experienced and qualified teachers needed to deliver a great course.
Address: Chabahil, Kathmandu, NEPAL
Contact Person: Mr. Sushil Kushuwa (Executive Director)
Contents of 6 Day Course:
1.Typing (English & Nepali)
2.Introduction of Operating System
3.Microsoft Word
4. Printing
5.Microsoft PowerPoint
6.CD & Pen drive Copy/Multimedia
7.E-mail & Internet
8.Adobe PageMaker
9.Project Work
10. Concept of Virus


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