First Completed Earthbag House

Please take a minute to read this message and look at these photos. What a speedy and fantastic achievement by the Mandala Organisation, the NGO set up by Mahendra Thapa. This is one of the charities that In Your Hands is supporting.

Namaste all friends!

We are glad to announce that the first Earthbag house in Sindhupalchowk is completed and handed over to Mr. Kul Bahadur Magar and his family of Kadambas VDC.
Likewise, an earthquake resistance house made with engineer's assistance and local materials in Hagaam VDC is handed over to Sukumaya BK her son.
And, a house for young siblings of Lapse VDC, Sujan Shrestha & Sushma Shrestha, is in verge of completion.

Thank you Anthony Eddies-Davies, Andrea Clarkson-King and all our friends who have helped bring back happiness to these needy people and inspired us to build New House, New Hope and New Life.

- Manisha Thapa

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