RAM SILWAL (Director of Royal Beach Camp) has been working with two strong female organisations in Nepal, LIFE TREK  and GIA. They were looking for the right students to benefit from scholarships to a 2/3 year training program to become outdoor leaders on rivers and in the mountains.

This week brought together boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds for a selection process to join a 2/3 year training program. It needs a selection process. This will be a hard course and is not right for everybody. We want to do  good not cause harm. 

IYH is sponsoring two ladies. One lady from GIA who has been a victim of trafficking or domestic abuse. One lady from LIFE TREK whom would not be able to have this choice without outside support due to culture, finance or domestic circumstances. This is why selection is so important. It has to go to a lady who WANTS to this career and NEEDS our help. 

Updates on who has been selected coming soon.


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