On-line Auction Launches September 1st

Here are just a few of the items already donated:

Lot 1:

2 people as guests to Radio 4 Today Programme. 
Value: Priceless!
Thanks to: Sarah Montague

Lot 2:

a luxury leather travel item (tbc) from Stow of London. 
Thanks to: Carol Lovell

Lot 3:

weekend at a gorgeous West Wittering Holiday cottage
Historic Cosastguard Cottage on award winning West Wittering Beach, sleeps 6, Aga kitchen, views to East Head and adjacent to sailing club in Snowhill Creek.
Value: £650
Thanks to: Jonny & Anna Hardy

Lot 4:

A fitness workout with Olivia Cooney, personal trainer to the stars. London area only.
Thanks to: Olivia Cooney 

Lot 5:

2 Kendal Mountain Film Festival VIP Passes
All Day Film Passes for two people for the Saturday and Sunday - worth £100. Plus we will throw in VIP status which means that they can turn up to events outside of films and attend (if there is spare seats) and generally wander around enjoying the buzz! Value: priceless of corse!
Thanks to: Steve & Jaqui Scott from KFF

Lot 6

Two day experience at Cowes week
Day 1: out racing on Hannah J yacht, owned by Richard and Sarah Johnson with an overnight stay with Roweena Dickie Walters in their home in Cowes.
Day 2: lunch/tea (TBC) at the Royal Yacht Squadron.'Suitable for up to two people.
These wonderful people were part of the Everestmax team who completed The World's Longest Climb with Pauline.
Thanks to: Johnson and Walters families.
What can I say….please spread the word and if you would like to donate, just let me know
LIFE IS GOOD! See our website for updates on progress in Nepal, it is quite uplifting.
Take care

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