More improvements to our schools - Volunteers arriving!

Both our schools have seen more work done to them since their official opening so that they are safe, secure and create an environment where teachers are proud to teach and pupils are keen to learn.

Our partners at The Mandala Organisation are making sure quality control stays high and send us updates with images and reports. Once Hagam and Gorkha are totally finished, we will start work on the next three schools which we hope to be ready for the start of the next school term in September.

More great news is that we have our first two volunteers who will be going to Gorkha school in September so a huge thanks to Sarah and Annie. Their reports and updates with their sponsor school, Blessed Sacrement in Liverpool will be invaluable for progress of English and communication between the children.

The photo above is the computer classroom being built at Gorkha with toilet blocks.

The images to the side are from Hagam where a 'white board' is a bigger deal that you can probably imagine. It is all progress in the world of education in remote areas.

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