Updates from Nepal

Mahendra and his team have worked from the day after the earthquake. Below is a section from his first report to me when I asked for information on what he was doing and the costs involved to rebuild. 

“Thanks Pauline , Please see some details of my plan. Now our plan is to build 35 to 50 Houses and each house will cost $500. We supply them with tin for the roof / Cement and one expert. The rest of the materials we use are from the collapsed houses like rock , doors, windows etc . 

We are choosing families from the village with the biggest need. There are 150 homes in this village so from 150 the poorest ones who can not rebuild and who have not any support like a widow with no son. I have chosen 12 families from this area.

So now the plan is to move on to 7 different villages.We have already supplied Food / Tarp and medicine for 700 families. All 7 village schools were destroyed so each school costs $3000. Will send more news soon."

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